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Satin Crystals Opal Yellow Bracelet 11mm Boutique Round Genuine Handmade Stretch B06 (5.5) Gemstone pnhipd7773-Bracelets

Made in USA. Includes Satin Crystals gift box.
Melt into the buttery yellows of genuine Opal in this new gemstone bracelet. From pale to butterscotch yellows, the natural stone shows unique black mineral inclusions. The Opal is polished into round beads and beaded on sturdy stretch cord.
Opal healing crystals are helpful for enhancing dream work and assisting with spiritual journeys.
Each bracelet is hand-beaded in the I Dig Crystals studio in California, exclusively for the Satin Crystals Boutique.
Approximately 11-12mm beads

Meet Bevi,
the smart water dispenser

Still and sparkling
flavored water on demand,
proactive restocking,
hassle-free service.

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Zero- and low-calorie flavors

made from fruit essence.

We think health and hydration are personal, that’s why we put the power to customize in your hands.

Over 65 million bottles saved

and counting.

We think outside the bottle. We’re on a mission to replace mass-produced beverages with drinks mixed at point of use.


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Here’s the breakdown: to hydrate people,
Bevi will cost you less than treating each
person to a fancy dinner each month. nice lunch each month. couple slices of pizza each month. slice of pizza each month. few fancy dinners each month.

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